– was founded more than thirty years ago. AZUD prides in to be among the world leaders, regarding the manufacturing of filteration and irragation systems (agricultural, industrial and urban).
– offer complete autonomy thanks to the perfect integration of all its components. The mechanism developed by AZUD allows backflushings are made sequentially, so only one station is in backflushing mode and the rest continue in filtering mode.
3. Feature of SYSTEM
A. Patented systems as AZUD HELIX SYSTEM, anti clogging delay device
B. Maximun filtering surface in minimum dimensions
C. High quality technical plastic materials in all its components
D. Minimum water consumption during the backflushing process and the lowest operational costs
E. Real depth filteration, independently from the type of particles suspended in the water
F. Low maintenance
G. Easy transport and installation
4. Applications
* Process water, Make up water, Cooling tower, Irrigation, Recitculation protection
Sewage treatment, Pre filtering, UF pre filtering
* Food & Bevergae, Car Indusrty, Salt water, Energy, Pharma & Cosmetics, Municipal,
Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical, Aquaculture, Chemical, Iron & Steel Indusrty

Method of filtration and back flushing

Filtration step

1. Raw water including foreign substances enters in inlet port of the Filter Housing.
2. The Discs are arrayed inside filter housing.
3. The raw water passes “HELIX“ on the bottom of cartridge.
4. The water is purified through Disc filter retaining the flow of water. (approximately below 10%)
5. At that time, most of big particulate foreign substances in the raw water are gathered on the inside housing wall or upper level spinning rapidly by Helix system. (approximately above 90%)
6. Filtered Foreign substances and etc are accumulated on Disc surface. And the filtered water goes out via inside Disc to outlet port.

Back flushing step

1. Back flushing is started by differential pressure and setting time if foreign substances are stacked on Disc surface.
2. Back flushing process operates back flushing by each of filters in order.
3. When a filter is being back flushed, partial filtered water from the other filters is back-supplying through inside output port and lifts each of filters.
4. At that time, back flushed water rotates rapidly and emit collected foreign substance from drain rapidly effectively.
5. When the back flushing finishes, disc’s layers are pressed again and return to a normal situation of filteration condition.